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Big data, artificial intelligence and business process automation may be real estate industry buzzwords, but property companies should start with small data. That’s the key takeaway from the latest Mingtiandi-Yardi proptech survey, which captured the insights of senior leaders from across Asia.

Why, when the data clearly shows a growing gap between the leaders and laggards, are some companies choosing not to invest? The simple truth is change is hard work. Resistance to change remains the biggest barrier to proptech adoption across the region, outstripping cost, resources, time or confidence. But the world has changed and real estate with it. Almost two-thirds (62%) of respondents to our survey noted a “significant” or “major” impact on plans for their workplaces following the pandemic, and 58 per cent observed the same level of impact on their portfolios.

The overriding lesson from the Covid-19 crisis is that the world is now consistently inconsistent. Things can, and do, change overnight. Preparing for ongoing unpredictability requires new systems and processes.

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  • How significantly did the pandemic impact plans for workplaces and portfolios?
  • What is the level of importance businesses have placed on technology in reshaping their workplaces within the next three years?
  • Has the perception of Asia trailing the West in terms of real estate tech adoption changed?
  • Is business process automation or big data analytics the next big technological change in the industry?

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