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After two years of working from home, people need a reason to return to the office. It’s no longer about going to a workplace, but being part of an experience.

This is something that retail already knows. Having withstood the first waves of disruption thanks to e-commence, its been evolving faster than ever before.

Office now needs to learn lessons from the retail space, to understand how it can “earn the commute” and what changes will bring people back, into a different kind of space, that has adapted to suit the new era of working. Paint, lighting, and layout isn’t enough. This is about a change in mindset.

If office landlords can successfully implement changes based on everything that retail has already been through – creating unique, personalized experiences that foster connection and fun – then the future is bright. 

Now, as the second wave of disruption heads retail’s way, the commercial office sector can learn some valuable lessons from the sector. We’ve captured just a few of those here which we hope will spark new conversations and create new connections between reimagined retail and optimised offices.

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  • What are the four trends to take note of and how can we use them to our advantage?
  • Why are brick-and-mortar retail shops & office spaces here to stay?
  • How important is it to know your customer well (and not just their spending habits)?
  • Are people really spending most of their money online?
  • Should we expect a rapid growth in mixed use developments?

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