High Tech or High Touch?

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Can you create a high-touch human experience with the help of high technology?

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Does today’s renter prefer a high-tech or high-touch experience? Is it possible to have both? New technology is changing the way people engage with one of the oldest industries: real estate.

The days of scanning the real estate section of the local newspaper, scouring bulletin boards, spending Saturdays pounding the pavement or filling in dozens of rental application forms are behind us. And that’s good news for renters, property managers and landlords alike.

From virtual tours to AI-enabled bots, technology is streamlining the process of renting. Rather than replacing human connection, technology is creating emotional experiences that build loyalty and deliver long-term value.

So, what are the trends driving technology in the multifamily and build-to-rent space? And what are the top three technology plays to create a high-touch human experience? Read on to find out.