Using data to do more with less

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Real estate is poised to provide strong sustainable long-term investments

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The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled many investors to reconsider the link between environment, society, good governance and profit. As more investors sharpen their focus on ESG criteria, how do they know that their investment is green and not greenwash?

The world is on a trajectory towards a temperature 2.9°C warmer by 2100 than it is today. By the middle of the century, as the world’s population approaches 10 billion, the global building stock is expected to be double its current size. With 39% of global carbon emissions coming from buildings, sustainability has never been more important to the real estate industry.

Measurement is the first step to better management – and that means having the right data at your fingertips. Here are five steps to take on the road to sustainability:

  • How can property leaders use data to do more with less?
  • Is box ticking sufficient?
  • What are the right questions to ask?
  • How crucial is data collection?
  • Is your back end system in need of an upgrade?

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