The Big Pivot

How property companies can move from space providers to productivity powerhouses

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The workplace wasn’t working long before Covid-19 shook up the status quo

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The office was designed to suit the working habits of the industrial age – clocking on at nine and sitting at a machine until five.

It took a global pandemic for us to truly question what we wanted from our space. Millions of people have spent the last 18 months re-evaluating their priorities and the great work-from-home experiment has proved once and for all that we don’t need an office for office work.

So, what is the purpose of an office? Is it space that we value? Or is it productivity in that space? Settle in for an exploration of how property leaders can pivot away from providing space and towards innovative and inspiring new models based on productivity-as-a-service.

Read our white paper as we explore:

  • Majority of workers today want flexible remote work options to stay. What does that entail for offices?
  • Should businesses start looking at spaces differently? How important is flexible workspaces?
  • What is productivity-as-a-service and should that be the new normal for office spaces?
  • How can smart buildings help landlords operate their businesses more efficiently and learn more about the tenants that inhabit their spaces?