The Big Pivot

Space Providers to Productivity Powerhouses


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How can we stay on track with the evolving needs of the office space?

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Champions of the space-as-a-service model say it’s a win-win for tenants and landlords. Tenants find value in the extra services, are willing to pay more and stay longer – and that all adds up to a better performing asset. When it comes to supporting a hybrid workplace, technology is foundational. No one knows how the future of the office will unfold. But one workplace metric will continue to trump all others: productivity.

Read our white paper as we explore:

  • If space-as-a-service is a win-win, why isn't everyone jumping on board?
  • Are our perceptions of productivity changing? Do we need new metrics to measure it? And how do property companies pivot if their role is to improve productivity, not provide space?
  • Do we have all the tech we need now to manage front-end customer expectations and back-end leases? Are there technological gaps to be filled?

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